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The Love Foundation-Zimbabwe

The Love Foundation ZimbabweKelvin Lloyd Leppard, as Zimbabwe Coordinator, so embraced the vision of The Love Foundation, that he took it upon himself to formally establish The Love Foundation - Zimbabwe. He is a youthful example of determination to make a difference in his community and nation. He has a keen desire to share the love with the people around him. He is active in fashion and design also in Sustainable Community Development & Humanitarian Project Management in assisting young people, youth orphans through self-esteem, self-sustainable & self-continuous improvement livelihoods on practical projects. He is a Co-Founder/Country Coordinator & National Director of TLF-Zimbabwe also in Executive Management Committee, a Board Member of Advisory Committee for People Living with HIV Stigma Index of Zimbabwe, Board Member of Civil Society Organizations for UNAIDS Zimbabwe representing youths.




the Love Foundation - Zimbabwe is a non-profit making organization with the mission of inspiring people to Love Unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as whole.


As truth can be found in all aspects of life, The Love Foundation - Zimbabwe is designed to be an open organization to any persons built on the idea of Unconditional Love. Our focus is on the practical use, personal understanding, and experience of Unconditional Love.


Our vision, mission and purpose is to further the understanding and application of Unconditional Love through education, research, and humanitarian charitable programs. The desire is to explore a variety of activities that enhance unity and self-conscious expression while promoting love and tolerance to all aspects of life.


Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, Transparency, Commitment, Confidentiality


To promote and spread the awareness of Unconditional Love to earth, to humankind and its communities and different religions. To encourage civil social, economic, informative, innovative ideas, sporting, charity-work and other related opportunities and activities for individual persons. To establish, maintain and administer in a democratic collective and accountable manner, The Love Foundation Community Centre that will provide venues for social, recreational and educational activities, for life mentoring, counselling services for beneficiaries, members and volunteers. To provide psychosocial support (life skills training capacity strengthen on therapy and resources) to vulnerable individuals person.


The Love Foundation - Zimbabwe aims to build an Unconditional Love culture in Zimbabwe by developing programmes focused entirely on upholding international recommendation standards of a practical use, personal understanding, and experience of Unconditional Love through Sustainable Community Development & Humanitarian Projects, primarily focus on children and youth who are orphans and abandoned persons in our societies by empowering their livelihoods.


Love Ambassadors Youth Network; Love Begins With Me Film Project; The Love Foundation - Zimbabwe Food Bank; Loving Health Programme; Loving Earth Programme; Unconditional Love Meditation Library; Unconditional Love Month; Global Love Day & Acts of Love Awards; All Nations Love / Zimbabwe Loves.


To strengthen sustainable livelihoods for children, pre-youths and youths, thus reduce poverty, vulnerability, risk to exploitation and engaging in violence and crime through entrepreneurship support.

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