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America Loves is a part of the All Nations Love project and is designed as a heart-based social participation movement that brings people together within their culture, community, and nation while inspiring collaboration with other nations and people from around the world. It is our way of uniting heart to heart, nation to nation.

Here at The Love Foundation (the originator of this All Nations Love social idea), since we are based in the US, we are launching America Loves and will have a web page soon that can act as a creative idea center for how you can begin this social effort in your nation. We also have pages on Facebook, Twitter. Of course, as each of you develop your initiatives, we look forward to learning many new things from you as well.

To encourage this movement of universal goodness, we propose that the people of America (that is you!) launch your own local version of this project to begin this process of social collaboration in the US. Beginning right in your own community and neighborhood or taking it to the scale of the whole nation, start sharing your stories, images, videos, personal and social interactions, whatever brings awareness of the heart and soul of your culture and the incredible potential that you know your country is capable of. Use your social networks to share, collaborate, and inspire. Be innovative. Be kind. Show the world you care deeply for humanity, the environment and the very essence of life on our planet.

The potential of this social presentation is boundless. We are initiating this on a national level to stimulate the potential of each great nation - and they are all great! You can also share it on a state, city, village and community level if you prefer. Think what an impact we will have as we begin to show the world that Florida Loves, Minnesota Loves, New York Loves, Oregon Loves, for example. And on city levels, Pittsburgh Loves, Seattle Loves, Tuscaloosa Loves, Boise Loves. You may even want to start a movement on your campus, school, association or in your company.

The more we continue to show one another how much love we all have, love itself will expand and become our collective experience. Every person in every nation has a heart, it is time to let ours shine right here in America.




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