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We are very excited to announce our all new Inspire Love App for Android and Apple (iOS) mobile devices.

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Inspire Love App for Android Inspire Love App for iOS


We designed these apps to provide spontaneous, thoughtful and heart-felt inspirational quotes that encourage your awareness of unconditional love throughout the day. They provide inspiration on-the-go whenever you want a thought for the moment as a reflection and contemplation of love.

Each time you open the app or touch the existing quote to refresh, you get a new random love quote (1,001) from TLF Founder Harold W. Becker. With these apps you can also share the quotes with others on social sites and via email, connect to our main website for more resources, or make a secure donation via PayPal to support our efforts.

We are especially grateful to Yi-Ching "Cathy" Oun (Apple iOS) and Changjie "Jacob" Yang (Android), our wonderful volunteer software engineers, along with our TLF Board Member, Erik Grand, for the development of our two Apps. We will be adding more features in the future.



"Inspire Love App This is an amazing way to break away from everyday stressors and really take a moment to center and ground myself. These words of wisdom really motivate me to strive to live from my higher truth and be the best I can be each and every day! This is a must have in my book!"

-Erin Monet


  • 1,001 inspirational heart-centered quotes to uplift
  • Be inspired - launch the app or just tap the quote to receive a new one
  • Simple to Share Quotes with others on social sites and via email
  • Introduction to our 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Love Foundation
  • PayPal Donation Link to help Support Us and our vision
  • Quotes are by Harold W. Becker, Author and Founder of TLF

We will be adding more features over time.



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