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The Board of Directors for The Love Foundation are volunteers whose lives reflect the core essence of unconditional love. If you would like to connect with any of our Directors, please use the contact form.

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

Author of Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being, and Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery, along with several other books. He received his MBA from the University of Tampa in 1988. Harold left the corporate world in 1990 to devote all of his time to understanding the nature of our potential and raising the awareness of humanity through his own consulting group, Internal Insights. He Founded The Love Foundation as a nonprofit in 2000. He continues to share his powerful understanding about life through books, consulting, speaking engagements, PBS television specials, workshops and living from his heart. Bio.
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John T. Goltz

Co-Founder and Vice President, Treasurer

John is compassionate, insightful and loving and has a strong desire to assist others in finding their own peace and understanding. He has successfully merged a scientific mind with innate creativity to share his talents as Co-Founder of TLF and Vice President of Internal Insights. He has a diverse background that includes a B.A. in Biology from St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN), outside sales, purchasing and technology, producing a PBS television show, agent for Harold's books and coordinating similar large projects along with authoring a book of poetry entitled Angels, Love and Light.
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Candace A.Thoth

Lanis Loveday-Chidel


Lanis is a gifted artist, compassionate friend to many, and gatherer extraordinaire of any and all awareness involving unconditional love. A mother of 5, grandmother, Feng Shui and staging real estate expert (LaPaChi Art and On Stage!) www.facebook.com/OnStageStar, she is a tireless and dedicated friend of The Love Foundation's vision. She works with numerous online groups and as our volunteer Research Director, she cultivates and compiles resources related to the understanding and experience of unconditional love.
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Erik Grand

Director and Secretary

Erik has an energetic, spontaneous understanding of unconditional love and enjoys incorporating his natural desire and loving awareness into the business sector. Along with his MBA and diverse experience, he recognizes the need and potential to bring love into the commercial equation. A devoted father and originally hailing from New Jersey, he spent time on the West Coast (San Francisco) and currently resides in the greater Nashville area.
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Katy West


Katy is a longtime friend and TLF collaborator sharing the vision of unconditional love in numerous creative ways throughout the UK. She's a walking tour guide, Harvest Festival Organizer, events cleaner, and especially enjoys the horses with Equine Support Services at Radford Mill Farm, which is an organic farm near Bath. Katy is certified in Kinetic Chain Release therapy (website) and her hobbies include horse riding and singing in a band. Katy infuses love in all her endeavors and encounters with others.
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Kevin Orlowski


Kevin started working on magnetic energy with his father?when he was a child and continues to explore its potentials to present day. As a teenager, he had paranormal/spiritual experiences that changed his outlook on humanity, the world, and the Universe. He became clear that love carries a vibration that is essential to our evolution on this planet, and without universal love, there can be no quantum leap in technology. He is an engineering consultant and is the founder of the nonprofit, Magnetic Energy Foundation with the mission of “benevolent technology benefiting all.” https://magneticenergyfuture.com/
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Smiley Meenakshi Kantasamy


Smiley is a beautiful expression of love throughout her nation and far beyond. Since childhood, she has pursued a vision of compassion, creativity, caring, gratitude and kindness towards humanity and our earth. Schooled in America at Western Michigan University, she is a natural leader and consummate student of life itself. As a personal development trainer and technopreneur, her focus is in health & wellness lifestyle, holistic self-healing and uplifting those who want financial freedom. She has a special passion for youth development and women empowerment.
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Falguni Khanna


Falguni inspires friendship and natural acceptance with all. Her India heritage and American travels and adventures have given her a clear insight to the highest universal spiritual understandings put into practical use. Naturally talented and certified in Ayurveda, Yoga and a Reiki Master. She and her husband own the highly acclaimed, heart-centered vegetarian restaurant Maruti in Portland, OR.
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