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There are many ways to be a part of The Love Foundation. The most important and helpful way you can be a part of our vision and mission is to simply love yourself unconditionally. By doing that, you will naturally share who you are with the world and be inspired to do the things that bring you and others joy.

If you wish to share our TLF vision of love with others in more active ways, please consider volunteering your time to help introduce our site and mission to your friends, family and community. Whether incorporating a link to our site in your emails or on your website for example, liking or joining our TLF social site pages and groups, posting our information and programs, tweeting, texting or just acquainting people with the idea of unconditional love as you go about your day, you are helping to spread the awareness that unconditional love is indeed possible.

All of our Board members and Coordinators are volunteers - each one embodying the vision of The Love Foundation in their hearts. We do not have or require membership, rather we are a global family of individuals who love to collaborate and inspire love. If you have special skills (like app design or social marketing), have a special idea of how to expand love, want to become a Country Coordinator or US State Coordinator, or just want to learn more, please reach out to us via the contact us form.


Contribute in Your Special Way

If you have ideas, assets or resources that you would like to contribute, we welcome your involvement. As with any nonprofit organization, we require donations of both time and money to make our programs a reality.

We invite you to assist with your personal expertise and special creative abilities. Check out our Programs page for specific ways you can be of immediate help. If a program calls to you, let us know. The power of unconditional love is a positive and wonderful way to express yourself and assist those around you at the same time. Come join us and get personally involved in our organization.


Share Your Stories

We are looking for your stories of unconditional love. A simple word, deed or action that made a difference in either your life or someone you know. Please share with us the moments when an act of unconditional love changed an encounter and brought about a higher experience.

Whether you found an opportunity to come from love or forgiveness or if you were touched by another's love, we would like to hear how it affected you. Contact us via the form or write to us. We will then, with your permission, share these stories on a future page here on the website to help inspire us all.

Every day we experience acts of love, both large and small, and every day we are afforded opportunities to practice and come from love. In some cases, it may even be an act of self-love that moved you in a new direction and started you on a new journey of self acceptance and personal joy. It is our hope that we can inspire one another to cultivate this amazing energy and learn to live our lives with love in every moment. Share your moments and let us hear how love changes everything.


More Ways to Help

Miracles are simply love in action. Be the miracle.

-Harold W. Becker


As an all volunteer organization, The Love Foundation relies upon your generosity and financial support to fulfill its mission. 100% of your financial contributions directly support our programs. Visit our Donate page.


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PBS TV Project

Now, more than ever, people are searching for inner peace, security and love. In 1997, our founder, Harold Becker, was featured in his own PBS pledge drive special entitled Unconditional Love - A Guide to Personal Freedom. We are developing a new program that will continue with this powerful theme to assist people in finding meaning in life, self-empowerment and, ultimately, why and how to love ourselves, and others, unconditionally.

We are seeking nationally recognized underwriters and grant money to support the production of this program. Please contact us if you would like to assist us in bringing this insightful, educational show that promotes well being to the public.



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