Inspiring Unconditional Love

We enjoy being inspired by our many global friends here at TLF. Over the years you continue to share your insights, courage, wisdom, and compassion through poems, stories, music, art, collaborations and on many occasions just by reaching out and touching us with your love. We share some examples on our site below as part of our global awareness of love.



There is So Much Love Here

by Tameko Barnette ©2010 Roanoke, Virginia

There is so much love here. Love is within every fiber of my being. I send it out to others regardless of how they have treated me or regardless of whether or not I know them. I believe in love and its power to heal, to comfort, and to experience joy.

There is so much love here. I celebrate the pain, the suffering, the process, the transformation, the healing, the truth, and the light. My heart opens like a lotus blossom after it has risen from the muddy waters where its seed was planted and nurtured into a wondrous miracle...a testament to the power of love.

No matter what the circumstances as long as there is love as its foundation, its walls, and its roof...the house is secure, safe, and everlasting.


Love Beyond Belief

by Rick Carlson ©2005 Minneapolis, MN

cast off these old bones
I am spirit
I can fly
into your kind eyes
our bodies now have no purpose
except communicating Love
we open our hearts
there are treasures buried here
earth and sky are one
just like you and I
a great wild Love joins us together
earth and sky, you and I
let us be this Love:
like wind in the trees
blowing where it will


Go quietly through thick and murky roads
On your journey, our divine light has given with sparking stars embrace!

Look at others through eyes of angels!
Neither cynical or poisonous will serve your spirit well
Go placid amid friends and enemies
For it is all alike

Break down the wall
Shinning so brilliantly it can blind!

With all the darkness this universe sheds, walk with promises, hope, peace, and joy
Observe a golden gate within
Our world is still magnificent!

Keep your truth
Strive for love
We are all one!!

Laura C. Laveliga

Aka Sasso

During one of my first trips to India I stayed in a community called Sadhana Forest in which I worked as a volunteer together with a group of around eighty to a hundred people. We were contributing to the community in several ways and I remember it being quite intense, it was mentally challenging to say the least to speak only English for such a long time and to continually meet new people from all over the world, as well as getting up very early and working in the heat. It was my first community experience, which was amazing in many ways since it opened many doors and I understood how we can truly choose to live together in a way that is free of limiting social and cultural conditioning.

It was challenging and at times not easy at all, but there was a feeling of sort of being thrown right into the heart of life, masks and filters left behind, standing naked in front of a sacred, heart-centered approach to communal living and meeting one another here and now. It was the kind of environment that inspires you with almost a feeling of necessity to truly connect to one another for a higher purpose and for the benefit of all included, and in that there is a feeling of one's preferences being challenged.

At one time, I participated in a workshop called Contact to the Soul which is a “pair” meditation that takes place in a group setting and it is usually about one and a half to two and a half hours long. The man facilitating the workshop went around with a small bag of stones and each of us took one stone and then paired together with the one who received the same kind of stone. I sat down with a girl in my age, that I knew briefly from before and the meditation started.

In the beginning, the facilitator walked around the room and gave some brief and gentle instructions to guide our attention. At first, I felt dedicated to really connect and make sure that the time spent together would turn into something useful for both of us. Her eyes were clear and vibrant, full of life and purity. I noticed that it was challenging to sit and not do anything particular for such an extended period of time. Thoughts would arise and after a while, I started to feel somewhat insecure, not really knowing at all what I was doing, or not doing. I experienced my mind becoming more restless and some form of energy within it wanted to escape the experience.

As the meditation went on, the restlessness faded and I experienced a deeper, more heart-felt connection with her and the present moment. By the end of the meditation we placed our hands on each other's chest, close to the area of the heart, and leaned forward and touched each other with our foreheads. We were asked to feel into each other's needs and to tell one another what we felt while embracing. With the clearest voice, full of love and compassion, she said self-acceptance and immediately I felt a strong “Yes” to what she had just said. I felt sincerely loved and met with heart-felt understanding. At the moment when our foreheads touched, I could feel a bright sensation above and in my crown chakra. Like a sensation of a beaming sun descending into the space we were sharing together in that moment.

As the pair meditation ended, we returned to a group circle to share about our experiences. As I sat there and witnessed the group, I experienced everyone and everything as bright light. Everyone in the group looked and felt super alive, so full of light and beaming love. In everyone I saw the most intense beauty, complete innocence and purity. I looked up to the roof and it also reflected this golden light vibration with a feeling of complete mystical aliveness. I looked into people I had previously judged or neglected in some way and all that I felt was love, all that I could see was pure innocence and vibrant beauty. I realized at that time that the people with whom I had experienced a sense of negativity or separation or that I may have thought to be in a specific way other than "me" was something completely made up by my mind and had no root in reality.

I felt like a child, naked in front of the group, vulnerable and filled with joy, basking in the complete equality that was naturally emanating, pulsating through everyone in the present moment. Man or woman, it did not matter, same glow of beauty, same love. I could not perceive a single difference between anyone in the room in that moment. All I could see was the Divine shining its true love right into the heart of all of life.

Oh, how beautiful you are, dear beloved. How loved you are, forever, for simply being that what you are. And you are everywhere, Holy Beloved, in the trees, in the wind, in the ocean, all of life is Yourself As Love forever blessed.

Simon Nilsson

The world?s most beautiful flower
Humankind`s sweetest form of power

A wise way of forgiving
A deep way of giving

A sharing of minds and hearts
An integration of harmonious parts

A safe road leading to Peace
A bold call for all violence to cease

A feeling that is so profound
An affection that makes the world go round

A fondness unconditionally felt
A unique LIFEnhancer, both individually and collectively to be dealt.

From my heart, sings my soul's song.
I must speak it's message for I have not long.
To impart my words of loving care.
To all those who wish to take love's dare.

Kindness to others and compassion to all,
Is the Divine's most humble and loving call.
Giving to others from the depths of our hearts,
Shows what our divine nature's can impart.

Smiling at all the world, harms not a one.
It teaches other how to have some fun.
Bringing laughter to the world is a noble cause.
Showing the world its nature in humorous collage.

True understanding and patience are the greatest keys.
Through them you can melt away a persons dis-ease.
By sowing the seeds of love, kindness and harmony,
You can bring forth peace on the wings of destiny.

The answer to mans quest lies not
In complexities that satisfy a few minds
But in the simplicity of
The Universal tie that binds
For when we communicate with emotion
Souls Soar and take flight
Forever radiant as they flourish
In the dazzling glow of loves light

You and I, we got hurt
my screams of fear wander to the eternal ether
a crime was done on me, one I thought I could never forgive and forget

Anger raged through my cells and soul
be strong like an oak, with tears suppressed
you can't get hurt when you feel nothing, do you?

A storm came, peeling off the crust
moved away the dust
the fog, he is gone

Stillness was there
in an ocean of peace
whispering; forgive my dear

I feared the step
what will come when all the anger is gone?
a soft breath touched my skin; my true self

Took me away to a land of light
a sea of LOVE around me
I FORGIVE and surrender to the force of LOVE

The screams went out for the very last time to the dark of the cosmos
to come back as a shooting star and dissolve in a sea of LOVE
it is all good now, for now and forever

If, Love begins with me ....
A thought of universal oneness
A thought of universal peace
Into the mind's sky shall pierce
To impart the message of hope.

If, Love begins with me ....
Like a monsoon cloud
I shall drift forward
Into the terrains of drought
To dispel fears of the suffering lot.

If, Love begins with me ....
Like an oasis in a desert
I shall douse one's thirst,
Shower the spirit of love
To savor the essence of love.

If, Love begins with me ....
Like an emissary of peace
Waving the flag of peace
The clouds of war shall I diffuse
Love and trust shall I infuse.

If, Love begins with me ....
The doomed and the depressed
The outraged and the orphaned
Shall be offered a loving hand
That remains an eternal love-bond.

But who knows what happens behind these determined illusions of life? Slowly and quite unknowingly we are carving our path that takes us to that elusive valley where our dreams shine fulfilled. Gently wandering in the ethers are our thoughts about to become. Hidden around the corner of a little time is that quietly meandering river and our rendezvous with destiny. The skies are wide open with our hopes of a sunny day, waiting for only a smile of acknowledgement, a trustful surrender to some playful wind. An abandonment, to allow our miracles to take place.

For a very long time now, love has felt like an illusion, an ephemeral dream that always turned into a nightmare, fleeting at best. For ages, we have vacillated between the opposite extremes of repressed purity and wanton vulgarity, never finding the joy in between. The true lover always remained a dream or a painful memory.

We always got carried away by the imperfect object of our perfected love. It was not deep enough to withstand the cruel forces, forces very much within us, the ones who did not know. This time we are going all the way. This time our awareness might be broader. But then, we may have to leave someone or something behind. Those treasured moments cannot be played back like a videotape. It happens, and one moves on, just a little enchanted, just a little surprised at the strangeness of it all.

Life is unfolding an absorbing drama, personal and full of wonders. SOMETHING sustains life. YOU are not the boss here. And nothing really belongs to anyone. It is all changing hands, so that the one cosmic dream may realize itself. We are taking our share and passing it on. Some of us shy away from the challenges. Challenges that call for a greater leap of faith from within. That bravery must surface, must come forth. How else can it come, other than through seemingly impossible hurdles? If no horizons are envisioned, no mountains can be climbed. We want to conquer a higher truth. A greater happiness because this is another age, dawning before our eager eyes and time must cease to give us songs we cannot sing. Broken strings of a desperate guitar that failed to render its music. Well, some of us have learnt our own little song and now its time for us to sing!

We are the expression of our true love, the true energy that is not separate from us. It is within us, around us, and everything is a beautified form of its infinite creativity. We only need to surrender to that quivering familiarity from which we think we are separated. Only the thought of separation is enough to destroy us, and keep us miserable. The ultimate bonding can happen when we have realized it happens within us.

Every friendship is thus eternal. Our awareness of this can only grow... hence these experiences are an opportunity to greater realization. More being, more joy. A door opening towards a fuller life. And all we have to do is give up our hang- ups and relax. There is nothing terrible. Only our distorted fears from a past best forgotten, when we refused to know, even when we were given the opportunity.

And YES! There is a dear friend; a cherished fulfillment of our heart's deepest longing. Love of our love and soul of our soul. But this knowing is a very special knowing. Words can only describe thoughts but not that inner experience of communion. It has to simply happen.

It is going to happen because, in reading these humble words, you have allowed your energy to witness the soul-force manifest the magic!

If the frontiers of peace
Are adoringly spread
From one continent to another,
The delights of a secured life
Reflect in every human face.
No doubt, the rays of glee
Would spread the desired light
To enlighten one and all
At every corner of the world.
Like a devoted gardener
Who blissfully watch
Each leaf and bud unfurl
With equal devotion and spirit;
We should all ensure
Peace blossoms for sure
In every garden of heart.
Thoughts of peace
Should we cultivate in each,
Thoughts of compassion
Should we nurture in each;
Like the endless dawns
Should our endless efforts be,
To the best possible extent;
That the seeds of harmony
Would sprout with deep roots
To have an everlasting impact

No essence
no flower
like that of my love
one grain
one breath
the smallest particle
taken in
whose breath
seems to grow
take on new form
becoming many times
what it once was
until it
fills me
my heart
my soul
my very being
and I overflow
with joy
with light
with love
and give back
to you
in fullness of fruition
that seed
planted so tenderly

I love myself and how I live
each and every day
I love myself and share that love
in my work and play
I love myself and so forgive
and know that I am free
I love myself and so I live
for now, eternally
I love myself and everyone
I meet along the way
And like a mirror they return
that love to me each day
I love myself as I am
the way God created me
I love myself and I affirm
the way I want to be
I love myself and I affirm

the way I want to be

Clouds of lavender across the sky
Precious memories before my eyes
The presence of grace surrounding me
Unconditional love ever so sweet
Tears of laughter, smiles of joy
Amidst your glamour that I adore
Acclaiming the glory that I longed for
The beauty of your ardent soul
Blanketing me with peace and tranquility
As I look above to the soft cushiony pillows
Of clouds of lavender across the sky

Love has neither restrictions nor boundaries
"It gives without expectations in return"
Solely from the core of one's self,
Feeling the pain and sorrow as if our own
Putting our self in someone else's shoes,
Without biased opinions;
So placid it touches the hearts of all people,
A seedling that blossoms into goodness;
It is the harvest of our growth;
It never seeks out answers;
For all is resolved with what it has to offer;
It is the inner beauty in mankind so never-ending;
It nurtures, it heals, and it cures
The wounded, the weak, the ill;
It is the pursuit of all happiness;
It is the reassurance in all that flourishes;
It exceeds beyond limitation of our dreams;
For to have genuinely loved, is to have sincerely lived.

for Peri
I pray tonight
that the Light
might surround you.
I pray
by day
that no demon confound you.
I pray for tomorrow
an end to your sorrow.
May angel's white chorales
sing, and astound you.

Divine Creator,
Infinite Emanation,

Thank You for teaching me about Love,
For opening my eyes to the Truth that is immutable.

Love is that which changes everything,
But which nothing can change.

Love is that which creates
But cannot be destroyed.

Love can be obscured behind
Murky clouds of fear,
But Love is still unchanged.

Though Love is everywhere,
We can be blinded to Love's presence,
By our own egos,
Our own nightmares,
Our own projected insanity,

But Love is as Love is.

Love cannot be changed,
Turned on or off,
Twisted, distorted, destroyed.

Love is the essence of all creation.

Everything that we perceive is made of Love's pure and Holy emanation,

Even fear.
Fear is not the absence of Love,
Or the opposite of Love,
But the cry for healing.
Fear is the creation of the ego-mind
The illusion of Love's lack or absence.

The children of fear are
Cruelty and cold-heartedness,
Greed and manipulation,
Dishonesty and pridefulness,
Clinging, gluttony, bitterness, hate,

All these are created by the ego mind,
Unhealed and tormented by the illusion of Love's absence.

You are Love.
All You have created,
Is created of Love.
Love knows no limits or boundaries.
Love is not defined by our relationships.
Love is not different for our sisters and our brothers,
Our friends, our children or our lovers.

Love is universal,
Only our limited perceptions make Love seem less.

Love is the truth of all that is,
Of our fragile bodies, our minds,
Even our egos, the sense of individuality we labor under.
Yet, when we go inward and seek the truth of who we are,
Of what we are and why we are,
We find only Love.

There is nothing to fear
Because truly, there is only Love.

Thank You, Holy Beloved. Amen

Holy Love,
Infinite Love,
Wisdom and Truth,

Thank You for the lessons of the heart,
For all the hard and gentle lessons
That help me grow closer to You.

You have shown me that
Love can only be given and received,
Never taken and demanded,
Never wasted or lost,
Never withered, nor reborn,
Not coerced nor manipulated,
Controlled or possessed;
For Love,
Real Love,
Is simply
And cannot be that which it is not.

Real Love,
Cannot fill the holes in a heart
Or a life.

Holes are the
Where Love is not perceived,
Where a Lack of Love is felt.

Love cannot fill its opposite.

The only way to fill the emptiness
Is to heal the Lack,
Or rather the illusion of Lack.
So that Love is perceived.

Love is never "not enough,"
Or "not good enough."

Love seeks not to answers "wants"
With things;
To cling,
When the beloved must move on;
To claim ownership,
And therefore proclaim separation,
Denying the essential Holy Oneness in Love.

Love seeks only to Love
With an infinite heart,
To seek Joy for all in One,
To answer wants with peace,
To answer hurts with prayer,
To answer needs with itself.

Love seeks only to Love.

Love cannot be taught,
But the obstacles to Love
Can be unlearned.

Thank You for Loving me, that I might unlearn all that Love is not.


Where perception from wherever, is correct in itself.
Where the horizon spreads to all directions,
Where merger, defies the theories of opposite forces,
Where separation, is reduced to just an illusion,
Where 'the abstract force', breaks all barriers of disputed views,
Where the issue, is not even the issulessness,
Where the beauty of a lush green meadow, a desert is the same,
Where colour, is not bound by significance,
Where merger, even merges the difference between duality & oneness,
Where wholeness is love,
Where love in its description, goes abstract,
Where 'THE ABSTRACT' manifests wherever to enjoy wherever,
Where, wherever amazes itself with itself,
Where this phenomena may be expressed as 'life',
Where there ‘IS’, thus, there ‘IS’...

To the divine presence in all of us, know that we are moving on in
our healing journey and bringing light to all of those in our path. Light
of love will shine so bright, followers will feel pure joy. Once this
happens the world will become one in body, mind and spirit.

Transcendence into light and love is the soul purpose here of the

We are not here for our own purpose, don't you see, we are here for
the universal purpose? Once our spiritual path is defined, we are to
follow it to contribute to the whole. This is the universe unfolding into
itself ... this is the moment of creation re-defined.

We all as a collective are responsible for this unfolding. Each of
us ... no one escapes this contribution. So you see, meditation and
spiritual practices keep us aligned with this purpose. Then our lives
feel in synchrony and not disharmony. Disharmony meaning loss of
meaning and direction, not a peace within.

Inner peace and harmony need to exist, before world peace exists.
Nonetheless, both are plausible and achievable brought about by
inner light.

Listen to your own inner message about what feels right. .. joy and
light or sorrow and darkness. Pay close attention to your inner
dialogue as it struggles with this change.

As a bringer of light and love, [ and all the other super conscious
children of the world will assist you in this movement.

Through slaying tuned in, you help all of this to happen.

Bringer of Light and Love,

Many people have traveled this world
with different dreams, purposes and
aspirations. Many are masters,
teachers, inventors and followers. They
were all sent by the creator of the
universe to achieve one just course;
"global peace and unification." But this
course cannot be achieved without
unconditional love, which possesses
the magical powers of the Divine for
transformation. When the human race
embraces love unconditional, then the
lost will be found, the naked will be
clothed, the hungry will be fed, the
bombs will be destroyed and there will
be peace and unity which will make us
all to speak one language, "LOVE".
Let love abide.

True unconditional, divine love, is like an ever flowing source, flowing without counting, never calculating its path, nor that of everyone who comes to drink, much less how much each one takes.

Unconditional, divine love is a lesson; we are all here to master it, first towards ourselves and then towards others, for none can ever give that which he has neither learnt nor received.


L'amour inconditionnel, l'amour divin, le vrai est comme une source intarissable, qui coule et se donne sans compter, ne faisant jamais de calculs de son parcours, ni de celui qui arrive pour en boire, et encore moins de combien chacun en boit.

L?amour inconditionnel et divin c?est une le?on ; nous sommes venus ici pour la ma?triser, d?abord en (vers) nous-m?mes et ensuite envers les autres, mais nul ne pourra jamais donner ce qu?il n?a pas encore re?u ou appris.

I leave my mind behind me as I enter into my heart. Now I am in my heart. Here are no thoughts, but deep quietness. I am infinite consciousness, no fear, no desires, and without attributes.

In this inner peace, the awareness is tuned to the cosmic intelligence. Everything is connected with everything in the world; all is in this Oneness, as all of us originated from the same source. We may call it God, Spirit, Ultimate Source, the Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Intelligence, the names are not important. What is important to remember, is that each thought, intention and action influences all the others and the whole planet. That means that the future of our planet is in our hands, it depends on us in a great extent.

We need lots of unconditional, boundless love, universal love and compassion to help humanity and to save our globe from a catastrophe. There is no other way because all of us and all there is are here and now existing together in the same Oneness, nothing can exist apart from it. We are connected in the core of our utmost being by our Universal Consciousness since all of us are a part of the sole Oneness, thus sharing the same fate of our Earth.

We hope you enjoyed these thoughts from friends around the globe. If you would like to contribute your orignial "inspiration," please contact us.



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