Guidelines for the 2025 Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational

Art, Essay, and Poetry InvitationalDownloadable Flyers:

2024 Art, Essay & Poetry Flyer PDF

2024 Art, Essay & Poetry Guidelines PDF

Who may enter?
Children of all ages (anyone young at heart) may submit an original piece (please no AI generated creations) in one or more of the categories.

Can schools, civic clubs, boys and girls clubs, colleges, etc. submit on behalf of individuals?
Teachers and administrators can forward individual submissions in groups or on behalf of classes provided they include the personal contact information for each individual submission and also include their contact information and that of the school and/or organization they are representing.

Is there a fee to enter a submission?
There is no fee.

What are the categories?
Essay, Poetry and Art.

What is the focus of the submission?
Each submission should reflect a universal understanding of love, unity, tolerance, and compassion for life, reflect the ideal set forth in Global Love Day, and convey the intent of this year’s theme.

What is this year’s theme?
Each submission shall embody or symbolize the themes, "Celebrating Our Humanity” and/or "Love Begins with Me."

What is the deadline for submission?
Entries can be submitted from January 1, 2024 through the final submission date with a postmark of March 31, 2025. Entries postmarked after this date will not be considered. (IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your personal contact information so we may contact you.)

Essay and poetry can be submitted via email - or regular mail.

Art submissions should be sent to the following address:
The Love Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 691911
Orlando, Florida 32869-1911

Are there any other guidelines for the submission?
Original works only - no AI generated creations. Any Poetry or Essay submission must be in English or if presented in a native language, an English translation must accompany the submission in order to be considered. There are no other stipulations for content or presentation other than the Global Love Day vision and this year’s theme described in these guidelines.

Can I get my submission returned if I do not become a Finalist?
No submissions will be returned.

When will I be notified if I am a Finalist?
The Love Foundation Board of Director’s will choose one Finalist from each category on or about May 15 and each Finalist will be notified approximately two weeks after this date.

What are the Award levels?
One Finalist will be chosen from each category for Essay, Poetry and Art and will be awarded the Director’s Award. One submission may be selected out of all categories for this year’s Founder’s Award. This special award will be presented to an exceptional creative expression that best represents this year’s theme. The Four Awards are: Director’s Award for Art; Director’s Award for Essay; Director’s Award for Poetry; and if appropriate, a special Founder’s Award. Honorable Mention certificates for each respective category may also be awarded at the discretion of the TLF Directors and will distinguish additional submissions of merit.

As one of the Finalists what else do I receive?
The individual Finalists and any Honorable Mentions will receive a certificate award for their respective category and their entries may be displayed on our web site or in a public manner and may also be included in our Foundation promotions.

What else do I need to know before submitting?
By submitting your piece, you are agreeing that you understand these guidelines, that you grant The Love Foundation Inc. the opportunity and right to display and use the original piece for web, press and promotional purposes, and that you agree to hold harmless and release The Love Foundation Inc., Officers, Board of Directors, Volunteers and all others associated with this Invitational for any and all liabilities, claims or expenses associated with this Invitational.

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