All Nations Love

Our Vision

Every nation has a heart, it is time to let yours shine.
We are delighted to share our heart-based social participation movement that acknowledges and encourages the goodness that surrounds us each and every day.

Entitled All Nations Love, this project is our collective opportunity to collaborate locally and inspire and highlight the kindness, caring, dignity, honesty and integrity that is the natural and greater part of our daily experience. Simply stated, "Every nation has a heart; it is time to let yours shine."

The Big Picture

We are all aware of the seemingly infinite and chaotic challenges that surround us, yet how often do we stop to observe and communicate what is loving and inspiring on our precious planet? Let's begin to share an expanded story with each other; one that honors the goodness that is constantly occurring all around us.

The spirit of any nation is comprised of her citizens and collectively the heart-center is filled with beauty, wisdom and cultural diversity. Side-by-side and heart-to-heart, we can show the world the richness and heritage of our individual nation, its people, geographic and ecological bounty, and the very best of our culture's vision. Together we can learn more about our neighbors, our fellow citizens, and the countries around the world in order to discover immeasurable gifts and bring about a better life for all.

All Nations Love brings people together within their culture, community, and nation while inspiring collaboration with other nations and people from around the world. It is our way of uniting heart-to-heart, nation-to-nation.

As part of this program and being a US-based nonprofit, The Love Foundation is also initiating America Loves as one of the many variations that comprises All Nations Love. Remember to #AllNationsLove so that we can share the awareness of good around the world.

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Launch in Your Country or Community

Look for the good that is in your neighborhood, community and nation and then tell the world! Find the stories that inspire you and share them socially.

To encourage this movement of universal goodness, we propose that individuals and groups in each nation (that is you!) launch your own version of this project to begin this process of social collaboration and expanded story of goodness. Beginning right in your own community and neighborhood or taking it to the scale of your whole nation, start sharing your stories, images, videos, personal and social interactions, whatever brings awareness of the heart and soul of your culture and the incredible potential that you know your country is capable of. Use your social networks to share, collaborate, and inspire. Be innovative. Be kind. Show the world you care deeply for humanity, the environment and the very essence of life on our planet.

The potential of this social presentation is boundless. We are initiating this on national levels to stimulate the potential of each great nation - and they are all great! You can also share it on a state, city, village and community level if you prefer. Think what an impact we will have as we begin to show the world that #ItalyLoves #KenyaLoves, #EnglandLoves, #NigeriaLoves, #JapanLoves, for example. And on city levels, #SydneyLoves, #KathmanduLoves, #MontrealLoves, #OrangeCountyLoves. You may even want to start a movement on your campus, school, association or in your company.

We already have volunteers coming forth and leading their local community by interacting and sharing the very best their community has to offer. #AllNationsLove along with your respective community or nation as a hash tag (#) in your social sharing so that anyone can search and connect with your efforts and help expand your reach.

The more we continue to show one another how much love we all have, love itself will expand and become our collective experience. Every person in every nation has a heart; it is time to let yours shine.

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